Tiger’s Quest, Book 2

Book Title: Tiger’s Quest, Book 2
Author: Colleen Houck
Publisher: Splinter
Age Appropriate: Teen and older
Stars: 2 Stars

Description: Kelsey Hayes’s eighteenth summer was crazy. The kind of crazy that nobody would ever believe. Aside from battling immortal sea monkeys and trekking the jungles of India, she fell in love with Ren, a 300-year-old prince. When danger suddenly forces Kelsey on another Indian quest with Ren’s bad-boy brother, Kishan, the unlikely duo begins to question their true destiny. Ren’s life hangs in the balance — and so does the truth within Kelsey’s heart. Tiger’s Quest, the thrilling second volume in the Tiger’s Curse series, brings the trio one step closer to breaking the ancient prophecy that binds them.


Well, I was dissapointed in Book 2. It reminded me of Twilight and other books. I kept thinking “I have already read this storyline.” But I kept reading, and I will give the third book a try. I like the characters, which is why i will continue with the series, but I just feel like the whole love-triangle, I only want to be your friend story line is not exciting enough for me anymore. Been-there, read that! And I felt let down by the adventure, it just did not seem as exciting as the one in the first book. Hopefully Book Three will change my mind about this series.


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