Why YouTube is Essential for Advertisers

YouTube is essential for advertisers today. A video marketing strategy has tremendous benefits to a business’s online presence and branding efforts. YouTube reaches more U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 34 than any cable network. With one billion unique users per month, YouTube helps Youtubebrands engage with people who aren’t just willing to watch videos; they’re actively seeking them out,” says Jess Fee of Mashable.

Video marketing at an all-time high. Consumers are bored with traditional marketing and are actively seeking videos and content that interest them the most. YouTube allows advertisers to develop an audience, create and cultivate a clear brand message, and engage authentically in the online arena.

100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute (comScore). And since YouTube is owned by Google, it has a faster indexing rate than any other search engine (eMarketer).

According to GR Reporter Online, “Many people switch to another channel while commercials are running and ads themselves are considered annoying. On the other hand, a good, funny or original advertisement is shared by people over the network and is considered a form of entertainment. Shared by a friend, an advertisement can be considered a recommendation of the product itself. The experience is very different.”

Advertisers stand to gain more than just an online presence with videos on YouTube. Advertising can be targeted geographically. Consistent branding is in the advertisers’ control. Online presence and websites can be indexed at a rapid pace. And sales have been known to increase over 10% with video marketing.

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Gratuitous kitten video

One of the fun jobs at the Post is shooting video. Especially videos of pets.

It’s been said, written and videotaped that the Internet is made for cat videos. Here’s my contribution, a kitten being housed at Faithful Friends animal shelter. I was helping two Post interns with a bit of a video for a story about a special-needs puppy awaiting adoption.

The kitten is actually chasing the microphone cover on the camera, but it was fun to play with a playful kitten. Reminds me of the days when my cat, now 16, was full of energy. These days, he sleeps in the garage and occasionally shuns me by turning his back to me if I dare disturb his slumber.