Photo galleries

Hopefully, by the end of summer, the Post will have implemented better photo galleries on the website. The Post’s photos are pretty good given the size of the paper’s photography department. It’s pretty much the Jon Lakey show. Other than landing some interns from Randolph Community College’s photography program, Lakey shoots the bulk of the paper’s photos.

New gallery link

The homepage should get a link to the galleries page that looks like this.

Pictures are among the most popular elements on the Internet, but we’ve found our current system doesn’t draw as many people as it should. So, we’re setting up a gallery system that will make local photos more prominent on the homepage.

They’re on the homepage now, but they display as thumbnails in the right column of the

This is what the current link to the galleries page looks like. The photos are small and distorted.

page. And the thumbnails are often distorted because the photos are jammed into the dimensions of the display area. It’s not a great way to showcase our best photos, which the Post also sells.

Compared to other papers, we know our galleries are not being seen by nearly enough people. We think they’re worth showing off a lot more.

As a bonus, we hope the change will free up space to show off photos submitted from the community. We’ve had some success in the past by offering a means for people to show their photos to local readers. There are lots of ways to share photos online, but few offer as many as local eyeballs as the local paper.



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