Yes, I AM Counting!

It has been 874 days, or 20, 976 hours, or 124 weeks, or if you prefer 2 years  4 months and 22 days, since I have seen my son, but hey who’s counting?  I am! I am counting!


We have celebrated 4 Thanksgiving’s and Christmases, 4 Easter’s, Mother’s Days and Father’s Days during that time, and yes, I am counting!


Let me say for those of you that have never gone this long without seeing your child, those 124 weeks, seem like 124 months!  I however am fortunate, I have a great support system on Facebook, all my Navy Mom sisters are wonderful.  You hear a lot of people discussing social networks; some folks feel it is ridiculous the things people post.  I can honestly say I don’t have any friends that post things like I have heard others talk about.  I really don’t have any friends that make comments like, “well I am going to the bathroom now”.  My husband at first hated my facebook, now he will say, “How is Wanda doing”?  Yesterday he, like me “loved” facebook.  My son had shared some photos, it was the first time we had seen photos of him in such a long time.  Our evening meal was late, we both sat for so long looking at those photo’s and drinking in the site of our Sailors face! 


I have days where I just don’t want to talk about my son; it makes me miss him too much.  I have days where I like to talk about my son; it makes me miss him less.  Sounds strange but if you are a Military family you know what I am talking about.  There are days where I talk about him and smile and there are days where I having trouble with my eye’s leaking when I am asked about him.  Yesterday was a good day.  Tomorrow may not be. 


If you see a member of the Military out and about, shake their hand and THANK them, they sacrifice tremendously for our Freedoms. 


By the way, by the time you read this, it will be 2 years, 4 months and TWENTY THREE days since I have seen my son, and YES I am still counting!  


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