Some quotes from the trip so far

There are three quotes that stand out easily from the ride so far. Here they are: 1. I stopped at a convenience store late one evening. The lady in the store told me about the towns coming up. About one, she said ” they have a real town, with a McDonalds and everything.” 2. When asking directions one day, I got the following reply. ” you need to go see this guy’s castle. It is only 10 or 12 miles out of the way.” 3. I had to talk to a helpline concerning camping in Yellowstone. I told him I was a cyclist and it was 4 PM, and I needed to find available camping close by and be heading that way. His response was, “So what is is the length of your RV?”

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I am a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast. More than 30 years of running and 70,000 total miles including 24 marathons are part of who I am. I coach runners in groups and individually, and work as the Wellness Coordinator at Partners in Learning in Salisbury.

One thought on “Some quotes from the trip so far

  1. I am a geezer cyclist (pushing 73) and I gotta tell you that I thought you were crazy when you started this trip. Now I know you are crazy, but I have to say I have a new respect for you, I don’t want to get out when it is too windy and I sort of hate the hills….I got a triple crank and now, not so much. I am ashamed when I read your column and you have inspired me to get out more in all conditions. I read your column every day and plot your course on Google Maps. I think I live near you and would be honored to make your acquaintance. I live on Bradshaw Rd and ride all the roads around me, including yours, I think. Look forward to your return.

    Rex Helms

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