The hardest things to overcome

So far, nothing has been tougher than battling the wind in Kansas. Most of the time it has been in my face, and on the one day, the constant roar was almost overwhelming. The heat isn’t so bad, especially if you can stay hydrated and cover the miles very early. After a couple of days of getting caught in both, it was easy to see that pre-dawn starts would help a lot.  Cold never became an issue if I could keep my hands and fingers warm. Rain is almost pleasant especially when it is hot.  I do need to work on getting more sleep, especially with getting on the road at 5. No matter, the adventure seems to override these issues.

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I am a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast. More than 30 years of running and 70,000 total miles including 24 marathons are part of who I am. I coach runners in groups and individually, and work as the Wellness Coordinator at Partners in Learning in Salisbury.

2 thoughts on “The hardest things to overcome

  1. David,
    We have been praying for you and will continue to do so…Heard you say you might go through Damascus, Va. There is a great ice cream parlor/snack shop there (I think they have yogurt) called ‘In the Country’. Very cyclist friendly.

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