Two weeks in, and some added thoughts

It is becoming commonplace to get up early in the morning and start climbimg a hill. The great scenery is the reward, but another one is that I get to come back down the backside of the mountain. Sometimes the ride down is electrifying, and it takes total concentration as my speed often approaches 30 mph. Just a bad place in the road could cause a wreck, and I worry that I won’t spot them in time. So far, so good. Still no real soreness and I am eating quit a bit. Enough I hope. Probably not quite enough sleep, but that is standard. Even at home. I miss everybody and there are only 8 weeks to go.


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I am a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast. More than 30 years of running and 70,000 total miles including 24 marathons are part of who I am. I coach runners in groups and individually, and work as the Wellness Coordinator at Partners in Learning in Salisbury.

One thought on “Two weeks in, and some added thoughts

  1. Hey Dave. You’re doing all the hard work, so the least I can do is reply. I have enjoyed tracking your progress via your updates. I’m reminded of you each time I saddle up. Your courage is admirable. I wish you God’s blessings and safe traveling the rest of the way. Enjoy! (Bo’s Dad)

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