An Experiment

Do you love flavored or fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt? I have an long-running love affair with Stonyfield Farm and Chobani Greek yogurts (top on that list is blood orange, apple cinnamon, and superfruit, in case you’re wondering!), but I’ve been concerned about the amount of sugar added in each (yes, I know it is listed as evaporated cane juice – sounds like a healthy beverage, right!?). Plus it says ‘concentrate’ – that’s not fruit!

Recently, I started thinking about how I could makeover my daily breakfast, and possibly work on a little environmental and fiscal stewardship by reducing the purchase of those plastic yogurt cups. Step one – buy in bulk.
The plain original 0 fat Greek yogurt in a 32oz is about $7 at local stores, that comes to about $.22 per oz. The individual cups are 5.3 oz and $1.99, working out to about $.38 per oz. Cost savings? Check. Less plastic? Hopefully 1 big container is less than 5 little ones!
But how to flavor it without adding too much sugar?
Moment of genius I wish I could claim! There is a pre-existing pureed organic fruit product, with absolutely ZERO added sugar (plus some vitamins!) already sitting on grocery store shelves across the nation. Have you a clue?
Step two: hello baby food aisle!! This week, I opted for a blueberry/beet/banana mix, which spread out nicely over five cups adding ~13 calories of pure fruit to each 6 oz serving of yogurt. Added sugar and calorie savings? Check.
The flavor result of this experiment? Meh. It did actually grow on me by the end of the week, but it is not the same as eating the sugary fruit-on-the bottom. Perhaps opting for sweeter and more traditional options like peaches or apples instead of beets will improve the result.
All mixed up and ready to go for the week. My last step will be converting these reusable plastic containers to glass cups!
VERDICT: I like using reusable containers, buying two solid-nutrient foods with no added sugar, and I’ll keep experimenting with flavors.