I have always prided myself on standing up for what I believe in.  I value other’s opinions and enjoy a lively debate.  If someone’s argument convinces me that I am wrong then I will admit it. 

Recently I have found that some of my acquaintances consider themselves liberals not because of any political conviction, but rather because they don’t stand for anything.  Some of you will automatically take offense to my use of the word “liberal”.  This concerns me not at all since “liberal” is the word they use to describe themselves and not one I assigned to them.  If you take exception with the use of this word, I invite you to poll your friends and acquaintances to find out if my points apply to them and then debate to your heart’s content.

When I say that they “don’t stand for anything” I know that is difficult to grasp.  Surely everyone has to stand for something, right?  What if I told you that a woman I know attended court proceedings to lobby for harsher penalties for drug dealers until her son was convicted of distributing illegal substances?  Would you believe that now she talks about how harsh the prisons are?  Was her son guilty?  You bet he was.  That doesn’t seem to matter to her, only that he got caught and convicted.  Now he is a victim and all the people she helped get convicted are victims.  In fact, drug dealers shouldn’t go to prison.  We should offer them paid recovery and rehabilitation.  So, not only should we forgive their crimes, but pay to help them afterwards.

I have another friend who believes in abortion now that she has had one.  She believed it was wrong, but that a woman had the right to choose.  Now she believes strongly that not only is it alright, but that life doesn’t begin until after the first trimester.  This is a new development and an argument I had never heard from her before.

When I tell people that I am a conservative they start throwing accusations about how all conservatives believe abortion should be banned.  They then tell me how hypocritical we are because after the child is born we don’t want to help support it.  I see nothing hypocritical about this at all because it’s all the same argument:  Responsibility.

Do I believe abortion is wrong?  Yes, I do.  I believe it is murder.  Anyone who has intercourse knows that pregnancy is a possibility.  If you aren’t physically, economically or socially ready to accept a child into your life perhaps you should refrain from having intercourse.  That’s personal responsibility.  The same argument applies to welfare.  If you aren’t ready to have a child and you are already on welfare, food stamps and other forms of government assistance then you do not need more children.  I can already hear murmurings of “how about women who are raped or victims of incest” being bandied about.  Less than 10% of women who have abortions have them as a result of rape or incest.  Most women simply got pregnant when they didn’t want to.  With all the forms of birth control in the world and the ability to remain abstinent, there is no reason for this.

The older I get the more I find that people who have already let their standards dip in order to justify a decision in their lives are more willing to accept almost any type of behavior.  Excuses will be made and justifications will be accepted.  Some of you will call me judgmental.  Perhaps I am, but you calling judgmental is really just another form of you passing judgment on me, isn’t it?  How hypocritical are you prepared to be?


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